World Health Day 2024 – Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle with CLA Global TS

Singapore, 8 April 2024World Health Day, observed annually on 7th April, serves as a global platform for raising awareness about critical issues impacting worldwide health. Across the globe, the health rights of millions are facing escalating threats. These threats stem from diseases, disasters, conflicts, which devastate lives, comfort, and induce psychological distress. To address these challenges, the theme for World Health Day 2024 is ‘My health, my right’.

To celebrate this occasion, CLA Global TS shares its initiatives aimed at fostering healthier lifestyles both within the workplace and beyond. These activities are geared towards empowering our people to advocate for the fundamental right to good health. Through these efforts, the firm aims to inspire our employees to maintain optimal health, thereby facilitating their pursuit of personal and professional objectives.

Mr Henry Tan, Group CEO and Chief Innovation Officer, CLA Global TS shared, “In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, prioritising health has emerged as a focal point for both employers and employees. At CLA Global TS, our Corporate Purpose is to create winning opportunities for our people, our clients and our communities. We understand the importance of taking good care of our people because when our people win, our clients and communities win. By dedicating resources to the growth and development of our people, CLA Global TS endeavors to cultivate an environment where individuals are empowered to make informed decisions regarding their health.”


Staying In Shape Through Sports

On the last Thursday of each month, our people convene for a City Run spanning 3.2 kilometers.

To adopt a healthier workplace environment, CLA Global TS has launched sports initiatives such as monthly runs, quarterly games and sports events to encourage a more active lifestyle. These events provide opportunities for our people to step away from their desks and engage in physical activity, while also facilitating interaction with colleagues from various departments. Studies indicate that group running boosts motivation and enables individuals to surpass their personal goals. Consequently, the firm not only aims to inspire its employees to adopt healthier habits but also encourages mutual encouragement among colleagues to participate in these activities.


Keeping Our Health In Check

Seminars and subsidised health checkups are held at the CLA Global TS office for the convenience of our people.

Every year, CLA Global TS organises a series of informative seminars covering a wide range of topics, including mental health, physical well-being, and dietary considerations. These sessions are designed to underscore the significance of prioritising both mental and physical health. Additionally, the firm has taken steps to facilitate subsidised health checkups for our people, enabling them to monitor their overall health status. Through these activities, knowledge is disseminated among our people, adopting a culture of wellness and awareness within the firm.


A Healthy Diet, A Healthy Self

Regular ‘Fruits Day’ and ‘Non-Fruits Day’ events at CLA Global TS.

To encourage our people to eat healthily, CLA Global TS organises ‘Fruits Day’ and ‘Non-Fruits Day’ events on a regular basis. During these occasions, the firm provides nutritious snacks and beverages to encourage healthy dietary choices. Additionally, these days offer colleagues the opportunity to take brief breaks from their busy schedules to reconnect with one another, providing a rejuvenating boost to help them navigate through the day.


Health – A Right for Everyone

Health is a fundamental aspect of life and should be regarded as a universal right. While individual health largely relies on personal effort, CLA Global TS remains committed to providing a supportive environment for our people. This ensures they can attain optimal health and fulfill their professional potential. Consequently, they will be better equipped to create further successful opportunities for our clients and communities.



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