Oil and Gas

Despite the current turbulent market condition, demand for oil and gas continues to grow.

New rigs are being ordered, new fields developed, old fields re-visited with new technology. While the demand for the energy market continues to grow, the oil and gas sector, in particular, faces several challenges in both the short and long term.

Some of the challenges and risks faced by oil and gas companies are:

  • Compliance with regulatory & reporting requirements
  • Managing financial risks
  • Managing geographical risks
  • Obtaining sufficient skilled workforce
  • Effective operation
  • Fluctuation of oil and gas prices
  • Managing environmental and political risks

We are committed to work with clients to address challenges and risks faced in the oil and gas industry with our experience, professional capabilities and collective expertise of the global network. We provide audit and tax services, risk management services, financial advisory services and consulting services to companies in oil and gas industry.

Our significant oil and gas engagements include:

  • Assisting a company with oil fields in Myanmar and Indonesia on the Singapore Exchange
  • Listing of FPSO module company on the Singapore Exchange
  • Assurance services for the oil and gas engineering service companies in India, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore
  • Advisory services for one of the world’s largest offshore oil rig companies globally