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Marine and Shipping

The marine and shipping industry is expected to be challenging in view of the uncertainties in the global economy given the slow global recovery and the looming European Market debt crisis.

Existing challenges and risks faced by marine and shipping companies include compliance with regulatory and reporting requirements, low freight rates for container, slowing trade demand, excess capacity, currency exposure and financial risks.

Nevertheless, companies in this industry are likely to continue to leverage on their competitive strengths, efficiency and productivity to remain competitive and consolidate their market share and position.

We have the track record of working with marine and shipping industry clients in various areas and some of them are:

  • Assisting a company engaged in the repair of ships, tankers and other ocean-going vessels with shipyards in both Singapore and Indonesia to list on the Singapore Exchange
  • Listing of FPSO module company on the Singapore Exchange
  • Assisting a company engaged in the manufacture and servicing of vessel equipment listed on Catalist of Singapore Exchange