As the information technology generation surges forward, there is no shortage of demand for quicker, better and cheaper electronic products. 

From household items to hand-held gadgets, significant advancements have been made to cater to the ever-changing demands of consumers and other end-users. Competition in the electronics sector is stiff, as market players recognize the fine line between introducing the next world beater and a failed product.

Some companies leverage off on their well-established supply network, and focus on marketing and trading activities. Others prefer to control the entire supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing of the product to the eventual sale of the product to customers. Some companies operate solely in the local market; most other companies aspire to have an international market.

Regardless of the business model of these entities, some of the challenges and risks faced by companies in the electronics industry, amongst others, include optimising inventory turnover, minimising impairment/obsolescence risks of products, maximising current production capacity, optimising skilled workforce and managing supplier and customer relationships.

With our experienced team of consultants, we pride ourselves with our professional capabilities and extensive resource network to partner our clients in addressing a spectrum of industry challenges to achieve real, tangible results.

We have a proven track record of working with companies in the electronics industry in various areas ranging from assurance services for SGX listed and privately-owned companies with operations across Asia, internal audit services to improve internal control, valuation and due diligence work.