What Does a Business Advisory Company Help Me With?

With changing markets, socio-economic environments, and business performance, a business’ goals will shift and evolve over time. A company may choose to prioritise expanding their customer base, extending geographic reach around the globe, penetrating new markets, and diversifying their portfolio, depending on business and environmental factors.

A business advisory company provides expert advice and tailored solutions to businesses to meet their unique performance and compliance agendas. Businesses benefit greatly from an accurate analysis of markets and performance because doing so enables them to identify the best solutions to successfully achieve their relevant goals. CLA Global TS (formerly Nexia TS) is a leading business advisory firm in Singapore that offers personalised and competitive services to add value to your business in Asia, including:

  • M&A advisory
  • Valuation advisory

To help you understand how your business can benefit from expert services offered by a business advisory firm, we elaborate on these two services in detail:

M&A advisory

M and A advisory in Singapore

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can help a company to expand dynamically, entering strategically into new market segments or capabilities, expanding geographically etc. The M&A advisory process involves target identification, valuation, negotiation, conducting due diligence, purchasing, and finally implementation – all of which are risky and done most accurately through an expert analysis of criteria, markets, and company value. 

The first step in the M&A process, target identification, is highly important in securing a lower risk deal. As such, companies that use non-specific guesswork or only a general identification of growth markets and technologies may miss out on key business players to guarantee a most successful deal.

Nexia TS’ M&A services take you through from start to finish, first by identifying key targets across our regional and global networks using tailored target criteria, evaluating potential financial benefits or consequences, developing a detailed strategy for the merger or acquisition – and facilitating every other step in the process to ensure minimal risk and maximum reward.

Valuation Advisory

Business valuation advisory in Singapore

A business valuation is a process of determining the total enterprise value of a company derived from a combination of all its tangible, intangible and financial assets. In an M&A process, this is a crucial step for buyers to determine whether a company is a suitable target for acquisition. For sellers, company valuation enables them to negotiate competitively in an M&A deal to preserve the business value and prevent disputes with buyers in the acquisition process.

A company’s value can be assessed based on its earnings potential, brand equity, intellectual properties, human capital and asset portfolio. Overall, the valuation of a business must be done through the analysis of professionals in a business advisory firm, who will take into account business performance, the nature of the business, as well as other socio-economic environmental factors – for the most precise estimate of the business’ value. 

For M&A, valuation is only an early step in evaluating the company as a suitable target and finding the right price to pay. Further in the process, financial due diligence is also performed to ensure the accuracy of the initial valuation of the business. Your business 

advisory firm will be responsible for examining the company’s financial statements, analyzing its revenue, profit and margins trends to gain perspective on the company’s performance in the future, and giving insight into whether the business is leading or a key competitor in the industry – to name a few.

Our Business advisory Offerings

It doesn’t matter whether your company is concentrating on succeeding in Singapore, Asia, or the world – it needs precise business strategies unique to the country’s specific statutory, legal requirements and your company’s distinctive needs. Our business advisory firm in Singapore offers perspective on all accounting and business advisory frameworks in the region and in-depth industry knowledge – that will assist you in making clear-cut immediate and long-term decisions for the successful growth of your business.

Besides M&A advisory and Valuation Advisory, Nexia TS also provides the following services: 

  • Assurance and business services 
  • Tax services 
  • Risk advisory 
  • Sustainability reporting 
  • Reporting auditors 
  • Accounting, outsourcing and corporate services 
  • Forensic and litigation support services 
  • Cybersecurity and technology advisory 
  • Data analytics 

Find out more about each service at our website or get in touch with us.


About CLA Global TS (formerly Nexia TS)
Founded in 1993, CLA Global TS (formerly known as Nexia T.S.), is an award-winning Asia-Centred Business Advisor. An independent member firm of CLA Global Network, CLA Global TS provides a full spectrum of professional services including, but not limited to Assurance & IPO Reporting, Tax, Risk Advisory, Valuation, Insolvency & Restructuring, Sustainability & Climate Change Advisory and more.

For more information, visit CLA-TS.com.

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