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CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd.

CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd. offers a comprehensive range of corporate advisory services for business expansion into the Malaysia region, especially for fast-growing Malaysian companies looking to set up new foreign investments in Southern Peninsula Malaysia.

As a result of the Malaysian government’s developmental efforts and business incentives awarded under the Malaysia project, inbound investments from both Singapore and other parts of the world are steering the expansion of business opportunities in Malaysia. In addition, CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd. is also well-positioned to assist Malaysian companies that are keen to tap into the capital market in Singapore for fundraising and IPO listing.

The office of CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd., located in Johor Bahru, is one of the 5 flagship zones of Malaysia that provides a wide spectrum of advisory services ranging from feasibility studies, setting up of business, outsourced accounting, M&A due diligence, IPO advisory, technology advisory, tax structuring to corporate governance and risk management.

Accounting & Payroll Services

Accounting Services:

CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd., part of the CLA Global TS Group of Companies, is well-equipped to assist companies to provide a full range of accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses in Malaysia to comply with the required accounting and tax compliance.

Our team offers a cost-effective and complete range of services including:

  • Accounting advisory
  • Accounting administrative support
  • Compilation of financial reports
  • Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)
  • Outsourced Accounting
  • Outsourced CFO
  • Survey reports for financial industry

Payroll Services:

With increasing complexity and competition in the business environment today, staying on top of your game requires dedicated focus and undivided attention on your core business. CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd. offers extensive experience in payroll processing functions to ensure that you fulfil regulatory requirements.

  • We provide specialist services in:
  • Jobs evaluation, salary and reward structure
  • Operating the payroll for employees
  • Preparing monthly and annual payroll-related forms
  • Specialist recruitment and selection support advice
  • Executive search recruitment

Business Setup Advisory

Setting up Businesses in Malaysia for Local and International Firms

To encourage foreign investors, the Malaysian Government has progressively put in place a number of incentives to maintain a competitive business environment for continued growth and investment. Supportive business policies in Malaysia include pro-business economic policies, attractive tax incentives, liberal investment policies and intellectual property protection, just to name a few.

Equipped with many years of industry experience, CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd. is well-positioned to assist entrepreneurs and business organisations alike to set up their business operations in the Malaysia region and beyond.

For more information on setting up businesses in the Malaysia Region, please contact the key directors in charge.

Tax Advisory

From both a domestic and international perspective, we offer a complete range of tax consulting services through our extensive experience in this field. Our primary goal is to assist you to minimise tax burdens in business, personnel and tax planning background.

Taxation issues and unintended tax oversights, amongst many other cross-border tax challenges could be mitigated with a trusted advisor, leaving you with greater freedom and focus to fully pursue your business objectives. The CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd. Tax Services Team incorporates a high level of technical skills across a wide range of disciplines to provide clients with effective tax planning strategies.

We have experience working with an expansive and diverse client-base comprising listed companies, multinationals, local companies, owner-managed businesses as well as individuals.

We provide advisory services in the following:

  • Corporate Taxation
  • Expatriate Taxation
  • Other General Taxation Issues
  • Cross Border Taxation
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Indirect Taxation

Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Internal Audit

Now more than ever, risk management has undoubtedly become critically important as businesses are challenged to remain competitive while grappling with uncertain operational and financial conditions. Managing growth expectations along with multi-faceted business risks and compliance requirements is a delicate balancing act. With a team of diverse and highly-qualified specialists, CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd.’s Governance, Risk Management and Internal Audit division delivers a robust and sustainable framework to suit your unique business needs.

We provide the following services:

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management (ERM) includes the methods and processes used by organisations to manage risks and seize opportunities related to the achievement of their objectives. We are able to assist management to table a framework for risk management, which typically involves identifying particular events or circumstances relevant to the organisation’s objectives (risks and opportunities), assessing them in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact, determining a response strategy, and monitoring progress. By identifying and addressing the identified risks and opportunities, your organisation is able to protect and create value for your stakeholders, including owners, employees, customers, regulators, and society overall.

Control Self Assessment

Control Self Assessment (CSA) is a method used to allow staff and business units in the organisation (that is, those directly involved in business units, functions or processes) to participate in assessing the organisation’s risk management and control processes.

We will facilitate CSA programs for gathering relevant information about risks and controls; for focusing audit work on high risk, unusual areas; and to forge greater collaboration with operating managers and work teams. Managers can utilise CSA programs to clarify business objectives and to identify and deal with the risks in achieving those objectives.

Internal Audit Co-sourcing

The traditional internal audit approach is very much compliance-based and often resulted in limited scope being covered and/or failure to address key risks. Our risk-based integrated approach helps to define key risks (“those that really matters”) from the start, protect important business functions/drivers and ultimately achieve organisational objectives. By flagging out all significant risks early and addressing them in a timely manner, we help our clients achieve their business objectives.

We could work independently (outsourcing) or in concert with your existing internal audit department (co-sourcing) to supplement your organisation’s requirements.

A primary value of internal audit is to help identify innovative ideas and recommend the best practices to give businesses the competitive edge while at the same time continue to meet both the traditional and evolving expectations of the audit committee.

Pre-Listing Internal Control Reviews

Often, private companies seeking to list on the stock exchange would be required to demonstrate that there is a robust system of internal controls in the daily business operations. These include internal controls to address operational, financial and compliance risks. Being a frequent partner of listing projects, we have an experienced team who understand the stringent requirements to carry out such reviews.

Software Licensing Compliance Reviews

Software License Compliance Reviews are increasing in frequency within these few years. Recommendations for improvement are needed to fulfil the demand to protect intellectual property rights to establishing or actively enhancing software license compliance programs. At CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd., our team of experts assist our clients in analysis and identifying potential gaps in licensing compliance to reduce impact on their operations.

Feasibility Studies for Investment Projects

The Advisory and Transaction Services practice at CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd. offers practical financial and advisory solutions keenly-attuned to your business considerations and objectives.

We are primarily concerned with the business strategy, structure, management and operations of an organisation and assist by identifying options with recommendations, providing additional resources and/or implementing solutions.

We provide the following services:

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Market Research and Study
  • Financial Due Diligence

Cybersecurity & Technology Advisory Services

In particular, consequential losses such as reputational damage and complex legal implications may be more severe than the incident itself.

It is a well-known fact that cybercrime and IP infringement cost more than direct financial losses. Drawing from a deep well of experience, our Cybersecurity and Technology Advisory team offers solutions that delivers the difference. The expert assistance in the detection, management and recovery from cybercrime and IP infringement boost your organisation with stronger IT capabilities and optimisation of technology ROI.

Our Services:

Information Security Controls Assessment

Based on globally-accepted frameworks such as ITIL, ISO 27000 series and COBIT, we provide assurance that your IT systems are adequately protected and properly managed to achieve their intended benefits; while also reducing the risk of data loss or leakage, service disruption and poor management of IT systems.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test

CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd. offers Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services to provide more detailed view of cybersecurity threats by simulating actual cyber-attacks. This enables business to better protect its systems and data from malicious attacks; as well as to achieve compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Personal Data Protection Compliance

CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd. possesses the necessary expertise to help you understand the overall impact of Personal Data Protection legislations to your organisation. More importantly, to assist your organisation in operationalising personal data protection practices to ensure efficient performance and effective compliance.

Software Asset Management

We help our clients to develop and implement software asset management processes and controls to achieve recordable licensing compliance and avoid the risks of unintentional non-compliance of software licensing terms and conditions. Our proprietary IT asset management tool – CLA Global TS Scan, enables you to take inventory of your computers’ usage, network devices, hardware and software installation and licenses. Within minutes, you can monitor the hardware and software installed on all of your computer assets and manage its authorised usage.

Licensing & Royalty Compliance

We assist IP owners to detect revenue leakage resulted from non-compliance with the provisions of licensing, franchising or vendor agreements.

Our services include:

Conduct on-site audits or reviews of your partner/client on licensing/royalty/vendor agreement compliance; Design and implement software licence compliance programs which include identifying software license infringement incidents; conducting forensic software usage review; executing enforcement actions; negotiating for settlement to close compliance gap.

Forensic and Litigation Support

Feasibility Studies for Investment Projects

The intense competition in the business world, incessant pressure to deliver better financial results, individual greed and the pursuit after exorbitant lifestyles, have all contributed to increased fraud, in terms of scale and occurrence, threatening the stability and sustainability of any business

Steered by experienced hands, CLA Global TS Advisory Sdn. Bhd. Forensic and Litigation Support Services practice is well-positioned to provide the most cost-effective forensic services, including the preservation and collection of information from multi-dimensional sources and related investigation and dispute resolution services to serve your investigation, arbitration and litigation needs.

Forensic Technology

Our team of technical experts and experienced forensic investigators provides technically-focused and cost effective solutions to identify and preserve data for forensic investigations and litigation with the following services:

  • Computer forensics services
  • Cyber fraud and hacking investigations
  • e-Discovery and e-Disclosures
  • Forensic data analytics
  • Forensic technology products sales and support
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation
With years of investigation experience, our team is able to help you formulate the most cost-effective investigation strategy and approach; preserving and collecting documentary, electronic and verbal records and information from multi-dimensional sources in the following types of engagements:
  • Fraud and financial investigations
  • Special audit and special committee investigations or reviews
  • Anti-corruption and FCPA/U.K. Bribery Act compliance and investigations
  • Insurance claim verifications and analysis
  • Asset tracing and recovery
  • Investigative due diligence
Litigation Support
With in-house experts who have testified in judiciary Courts in this region, we:
  • Provide litigation support services such as providing expert report /testimony in relation to forensic accounting, forensic technology, and damage/loss assessment and quantification
  • Provide professional advice in relation to discovery assistance, claims analysis, adjustments, preparation and rebuttal.