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Forensic Accounting & Audit Services in Singapore

Steered by experienced hands in the arena of Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support Services, CLA Global TS and our partner, Smith & Williamson, are well-positioned to provide the most cost-effective forensic accounting services, including the preservation and collection of information from multi-dimensional sources and related investigation and dispute resolution services to serve your requirements for investigation, arbitration, litigation and audit services in Singapore.

The intense competition in the business world, relentless pressure to deliver better financial results, individual greed and the pursuit of exorbitant lifestyles, have all contributed to increased fraud, in terms of scale and occurrence, threatening the stability and sustainability of any business. These factors gave rise to the demand for better forensic accounting and audit services in Singapore which we at CLA Global TS proudly provides.


Compliance Risk Management

Is your existing business aligned to local and international standards?

Our enterprise compliance and risk management experts can support and assist you in reviewing principle policy and framework for compliance with local and international regulations.

Each business is unique and our team of expert forensic accounting auditors can tailor the solution to match your business needs.

  • Anti-Bribery Regulations (FCPA, UKBA, SPCA etc.)
  • Anti-Money Laundering Regulations (FATF40, MAS 626 etc.)
  • Data Privacy Law (PDPA, GRPR, Cybersecurity Law etc.)
  • Anti-Trust Compliance Monitoring (Anti-Trust Compliance, Competition Law etc.)
  • Export Compliance Regulations (EAR, SGCA etc.)

Vendor Management Audit

Our vendor management audit services in Singapore provide you with the information you need to understand who your suppliers/business partners are and how they are operating. Gain visibility into third parties’ practices:

  • Due Diligence on Business Partners;
  • Review of vendor business ethics;
  • Review for contractual compliance by Business Partners etc.

Training and Education

Are your employees and Business Partners aware of their obligation towards compliance? We help clients to develop training material and deliver it via classroom and/or online learning. We provide several forensic accounting programmes like data privacy and anti-bribery awareness to combat and minimise risk to help you  reach a satisfactory compliance level within your enterprise.

  • Red flags to disbursement fraud;
  • Anti-bribery awareness;
  • Personal data protections etc.


Due Diligence

As a reputable forensic accounting firm, we recognise the importance of validating information in the enterprise. We provide pre-employment screening to help you better understand your employees as well as background checks to help you understand your customers and partners. These checks can be done locally or globally.

  • Pre-acquisition screening (including Mystery Customer);
  • Pre-employment screening (including psychometric test);
  • Company profile screening (including reputation check);
  • Individual profile screening (including sanction check) etc.

Compliance Investigation

Is your employee or Business Partner transacting in accordance with established policy and regulation? We assist clients to conduct review and audit services in area such as:

  • Investigating activities/transactions for compliance to global law/standards and local regulations;
  • Investigating activities/transactions against company policies etc.

Fraud Investigation / Special Audit

Our team of Certified Fraud Examiners are able to deep dive and gather evidence in these area:

  • Anti-Bribery;
  • Shareholders dispute;
  • Employee Embezzlement;
  • Fraudulent Procurement etc.

Forensic Investigation

Our team of certified Forensic Technology specialist help you to identify breaches and risks in the following ways through our audit services:

  • Digital Forensic on devices to uncover evidence of deleted data; data theft and business espionage etc.;
  • Forensic support on employee exit clearance;
  • E-Discovery Support

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting in Singapore is a specialised accounting service that is used for legal affairs. It is a delicate task that involves both auditing and investigative skills. When a huge sum of money is involved, fraud and other malicious actions are always posing threats. These threats can break your company in an instance. Thus, reinforcing your auditing with forensic accounting services from CLA Global TS will provide you with thorough security and financial accountability. Our skilled Forensic Accountants can help you to determine the true value of a transaction. Our audit services includes:

  • Quantifying financial impact as result of fraud or negligence;
  • Determining the financial division of assets;
  • Providing transaction review for accuracy and compliance etc.

Expert Witness and Litigation Support

Audit services are important whether you are opting for a legal mediation or simply running your day-to-day business operations. Various audit services involve overseeing compliance to the policies and terms of the company, doing background checks for employees and prospective partnership, and auditing a company project for possible fraudulent acts. Providing a reliable forensic accounting service is what we do best here at CLA Global TS. We assist companies and their legal counsels in the investigation, arbitration and litigation needs.

  • Expert witness testimony for services we provide;
  • Litigation support in area such as evidence gathering/compilation;
  • Outsourced paralegal support etc.

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