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Data Analytics

Data is the key cornerstone in every aspect of your business and the adoption of data analytics is imperative for businesses to remain competitive and relevant in today’s increasingly complex environment to drive digital transformation; increase profitability, optimal management of resources and business performance through data-driven decision making.

At CLA Global TS, we work with you to achieve data digitalization through the adoption of AI-Assisted business intelligence and enterprise performance management platform to facilitate your decision making from faster line of sight into your business operations. Visit CLA Global TS’ associate company for more information.

Data Services Platform

  • Data Integration delivers data to the right place, in the right form, at the right time
  • Data Preparation transforms and consolidates large data at scale and at speed
  • Data Governance provides better visibility on data lineage and centralised catalog for sharing and collaboration
  • Data Warehouse and Virtualization efficiently bridge federated queries from multiple data sources
  • Master Data Management redefines the way to view information of your customer, product, or supplier, as well as a 360° view into the relationships across these entities
  • Data Lakes enable you to effectively control and build your data repository with user-based access to power up the analytics into actionable business insights

Solutions for Finance

  • CFO Dashboard with key performance indicators and financial ratio
  • Financial consolidation, reporting and disclosure management
  • Driver-based planning and budgeting with AI-Assisted and predictive forecasting and analysis

Solutions for Sales

  • Sales Dashboard with 360° view of customer data by easily combining metrics from your distribution, POS, CRM and call center data that you share with your mobile sales force
  • Understands distribution and contribution margins to sell smarter, monetise insight, and grow profitability
  • Plans and manages sales process, performance and drive accurate sales forecasting

Solutions for Marketing

  • Marketing Dashboard to analyse your leads and opportunities to plan your “lead to revenue” process
  • Empowers direct marketers and sales operations with planning, predictive analytics, and streamline reporting to transform the constant flow of social media content into marketable insights
  • Creates new hierarchies and reporting segments with drag-and-drop ease to help identify, monitor, and retain your most valuable customers, creating real-time insights and marketing list to drive a successful campaign

Solutions for Human Resource

  • HR Dashboard analyses workforce skill shortages and demographic changes to get better insights into human capital performance
  • Plans and analyses your HR investments in line with business strategies
  • Plans and forecasts your future headcount requirements to develop the right recruitment and loyalty programs to drive business performance

Solutions for Procurement

  • Procurement Dashboard for enterprise procurement visibility, optimizing costs & transparency, supplier capacity and quality
  • Plans, consolidates production and procurement requirements, forecasts, and orders, rapidly develop detailed procurement plans and predict spending amounts and patterns over time
  • Drive cost savings and global procurement efficiency initiatives comparing plan against actual contribution to financial performance