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Cybersecurity & Technology Advisory

In the age of technology, Cybersecurity and counter-malicious hacking become a key area of defence in today’s businesses. We provide Cybersecurity support to our clients during peace time and/or following an unfortunate hacking incident.

Our Cybersecurity and Technology Advisory Services are designed to assist organisations in managing cybercrime incidents, detecting IP infringement and minimising business risks. Hence, enabling organisations to optimise the return of investment in IT spent, build stronger IT capabilities, and enhance the overall business performance within the company.

Regulatory/Standard Compliance and Policy Review

Is your existing business aligned to international/local requirement? We  are legally trained to assist clients to review policy and framework for compliance to regulations such as:

  •  Data Privacy Law (PDPA, GDPR, Cybersecurity Law etc.);
  • Compliance to Standards (ISO27001, NIST, OSPAR, TRM etc.) etc.

Information Security Control Assessment

Concern that your IT infrastructure may have gaps? Then perhaps, you should consider looking for a penetration test service or vulnerability assessment in Singapore to define and assess the weakness in your IT infrastructure and avoid an IT security breach. At CLA Global TS, we have a team of trained specialists that can provide the following services:

  • Vulnerability Assessment (VA);
  • Penetration Testing (PT);
  • Infrastructure review;
  • Application review;
  • System review etc.

Cybersecurity and Data Loss Prevention Training and Education

Are your employees and Business Partners aware of their obligation towards compliance? We help clients to develop training material and deliver it via classroom and/or online learning. Some topics include:

  • Data Loss Prevention training;
  • IT Compliance training;
  • Cybersecurity Awareness;
  • Phishing email campaign etc.

Cybersecurity Advisory

Worried that you could be the next cyber breach victim? Our team of trained specialists can provide clients:

  • Consultation on Cyber Risk;
  • Cybersecurity monitoring through Security Operations Center (SOC);

Cyber Incident Response and Forensics Investigation

Security and data is an important part of your business. Never let it be compromised by any forms of IT security breach. Our team of specialists can provide incident response and data recovery services in Singapore. Our professional team will be able to respond to your needs in the shortest possible time and render support in the area of:

  • Data Recovery and Hard-disk repair;
  • Vulnerability Fix;
  • Data Preservation;
  • Logs and System Analysis etc.