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CLA Global TS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

CLA Global TS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

CLA Global TS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is an internationally-oriented accounting firms managed by the CLA Global TS Holdings in Singapore. The business scope extends beyond traditional statutory audit to internal control audit, acquisition audit, corporate liquidation audit and audit of transfer price. Other advisory services relate to business set up, feasibility study, tax planning and legal advisory related to cross border transactions, mergers & acquisition, due diligence, pre-IPO consulting, tax review & planning, internal control consulting, and cost & profit management services etc.

CLA Global TS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd office operates with more than 20 professional staff members, including 3 qualified Certified Public Accountants from CICPA.

Audit & IFRS Conversion

The stakeholders and decision-makers in a business must have confidence in its financial systems. With a heightened focus on risk management and corporate governance, it is more important than ever for companies to obtain robust advice and assurance on financial controls and accounts; not just as part of the annual audit cycle, but on an ongoing basis, and particularly when undertaking transactions. Our emphasis is on the quality of our work and the quality of our advice, both of which we ensure through in-house technical updates, training, recruitment and quality control processes.

Financial Statements Audit – Our approach starts with a comprehensive understanding of the industry and business risks faced by our clients. We then deliver a seamless and efficient audit to ensure that financial statements are in line with the latest financial reporting standards. As part of our commitment that an audit should evolve past its traditional role, we also aim to provide value-added insights to our client’s business through our audit process.

IFRS Reporting – In cooperation with our global network firms, we have the expertise to provide reports in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Internal Audit - Operation & C

Internal audit is an important and integral tool for management, finance and operations functions in any company, and most successful businesses have internal audit functions. An effective internal audit requires planning, experience and sound methodology, all developed in concert with corporate finance, human resources and the current situation of the business.

We provide tailored internal audit and American SOX services to help clients establish their programs and realize the benefits of a successful internal audit function. We also offer internal audit services at a reasonable cost, helping clients to balance risks with business goals in operations and finance.

Corporate & Personal Taxation

From both a Chinese domestic and international perspective, we offer a complete range of tax consulting services. We have extensive knowledge and rich experience in this field, and thus guarantee to meet your needs whatever industry you are in. We find solutions to assist our clients to lower their tax burdens, maximize profits, and assist in the robust development of clients’ businesses. 

These tax services cover calculation and declaration of all required corporate and Value-Added taxes, declaration of individual income tax, petitioning for tax refunds (including VAT rebates), and preparation for declaration of other less common taxes. In addition, we provide tax planning for international, cross border and internal transactions, as well as for enterprise income tax, personal income tax, indirect tax, transfer pricing, foreign individual tax planning and other professional services.

International Tax Planning

While businesses are expanding into international markets, countries around the world have been adapting their tax policies and rules to ensure that global businesses pay their fair share of taxes. As a result, businesses often have to contend with a myriad of complex and unfamiliar tax regulations, therefore increasing their tax risks and costs. As international tax advisors, we add value to our clients by working with them to develop a global tax strategy, leading them through tax regulations as well as providing practical tax advice and solutions. With our knowledge and experience, we are well positioned to take care of your tax needs so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.


• Tax advice and planning for inbound investments in structuring, financing, exploring tax incentives, repatriation of earnings and exit from investments

• Country-specific studies for outbound investments on the suitability of jurisdictions with focus on tax aspects

• Group structure and business substance review and restructuring for tax efficiency

•  Cross- border M&A pre-acquisition tax due diligence, planning and structuring advice and post-acquisition integration

• Tax advisory support for cross border transactions including:

   – Tax efficient structuring of transactions

   – Navigating permanent establishment issues

   – Withholding tax implications

   – Application of tax treaties

   – Review of contractual agreements

Cross Border Transactions

At our clients’ request, we assist in incorporating companies in tax exempt locations, such as the British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Panama and so forth. We also provide necessary secretarial services for these companies.

Business Advisory

We provide business consulting services for clients, to include company registrations, bookkeeping, financial consulting, market research feasibility studies and tax and legal due diligence and so on. As a professional registration agent, we can provide you with a one–stop service from materials preparation to handover of a turnkey business. We handle the entire company setup process with the various authorities, we also assist with bank account opening, Import & export license application, application for special licensing and so on. 

We assist clients in finance planning, evaluation of corporate structuring and finance control, financial forecasting and internal controls. We provide market research for international companies, as well as research aimed toward feasibility of conducting various types of business or marketing plans within China.  We also perform customer satisfaction surveys on behalf of our clients. 

Pre-IPO Advisory

Initial Public Offerings (IPO) require intricate planning, preparation and an in-depth understanding of overseas capital markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, the UK, Japan and the USA. Nexia International and Nexia China, with a well-established pool of resources and support, will assist you in the process of going public by providing business, accounting and taxation advisory services.

We cooperate with issue managers, stock exchanges, lawyers and other professional agents as needed to meet our customer needs.

Benefits gained from using our services include the fact that independent advisory can help you to avoid pitfalls that may delay or jeopardize company goals, and we act as full service reporting accountants and auditors for IPO. We have a successful track record helping Chinese companies to list on overseas exchanges. 

Mergers & Acquisition

We act as reporting accountants in proposed mergers and acquisitions activities. In such services, we consider the client’s commercial accounting and financial needs as well as all taxation implications. We also seek potential partners for our clients.

During offshore or cross-border share transfers of China entities, including foreign-invested subsidiaries here, we offer full service transaction planning as well as any required re-registration of the China entity that is involved in the transactions.

We are connected to the major financial markets of the USA, Europe, Hong Kong, the Middle East and Singapore for handling investment risks and fund management. Our UK partner firm is a qualified investment management company.

Due Dilligence

Thorough due diligence will help parties understand the financial, tax and legal condition of target companies, including any operational risks or non-compliance the target may have before the acquiring company initiates a capital raising plan, acquires, merges, reorganizes assets, or goes public. At the same time, it also helps an enterprise understand the business performance and asset value of the financed party or the acquired party, as well as the standardization of corporate financial management, so as to determine the financial risk and tax risk of the enterprise.

We have been assisting clients with comprehensive due diligence services for cross-border transactions, merger & acquisition, share transfers, covering financial DD, tax DD, legal DD, as well as corporate background or company registration information DD. Our past clients have been engaged in various industries, including trading companies, food, printing, electronic, aircraft industry, Hi-tech materials, the textile industry and others. 

Cross Profit Management

We provide independent, objective, reliable and accurate operating cost assessments of global supply, usable for investment funding and project control. We diagnose outsourced manufacturing for guidance of owners, financiers and contractors, or when a company is considering the options for offshoring its manufacturing or wants to screen its offshore manufacturing base. We provide supplier cost verification expertise and/or assessment of product manufacturing cost efficiency of producers by benchmarking manufacturing performance and maturity of industry best practices of local vendors. This will ensure that the supplier of choice will contribute to your competitive cost advantage. 

We are specialists in integral margin management, helping companies to identify and capture opportunities to significantly increase their margins in a sustainable way. 

• Diagnose – Providing transparency and insights through cost and value engineering

• Capture – Offering you the security to identify and capture opportunities to significantly increase your product margins in a sustainable way

• Transformation – transform your business accordingly.


We work together with lawyers and banking professionals in rendering insolvency and corporate recovery services. Our emphasis is on resuscitating companies, but if formal administration is necessary, we are able to undertake the process as administrators, liquidators, receivers and trustees in bankruptcy.

Some of the steps we take to restore solvency include sourcing for additional capital, locating and negotiating with joint venture partners, renegotiation of debts and alternative financing methods. 

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