International Women’s Day 2024 Inspiring Diversity in CLA Global TS

Singapore, 19 March 2024 – With more women choosing to pursue accounting careers, the industry has grown to include more opportunities for women in the workplace to climb the corporate ladder and spark inspiration within the industry. CLA Global TS celebrated International Women’s Day this year by engaging its people in showing appreciation for all the effort and contribution that the women in the firm have put in, contributing to growth in the firm and as individuals.

Mr. Henry Tan, Group CEO and Chief Innovation Officer, shared, “Celebrating women’s achievements around the globe, CLA Global TS would like to express our appreciation to all female colleagues who have contributed and are continuing to contribute to the success of the firm. Special thanks go to our women leaders, who make up 52% of our top management team across our Singapore, Malaysia, and China offices. With their leadership styles, they have managed to offer more diverse problem-solving approaches, increase organisational collaboration, and thus inspire many of their coworkers to do the same.”


Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

CLA Global TS celebrated this significant occasion — a day dedicated to honouring the incredible achievements of women within our firm — by inviting colleagues to leave heartfelt notes of encouragement for their female colleagues, express gratitude towards female leaders who have guided and supported them and acknowledge the remarkable successes of women within the firm.


Women in the Current Workforce

In a profession many may consider to be a man’s world, women now represent most accountants in several countries. Practicing inclusion is important to have a different perspective when tackling different situations in the industry. To gain further insights into the impact of women’s inclusion in the workforce, CLA Global TS spoke to women from various business units to shed some light on the topic. Click to watch the interview.


Women in Sports

To create winning opportunities for our communities and promote diversity in sports, CLA Global TS has been the main partner for the Singapore National Women’s Floorball Team since 2017. CLA Global TS spoke to the newly appointed captain of the Singapore National Women’s Floorball Team, Ms. Shermaine Goh, to gain insights into how women in sports empower and inspire female athletes. Click to watch the interview.


Inspiring Inclusion

With many women amongst the CLA Global TS’s workforce, the firm has been actively practicing policies that support them and their families, allowing for flexible work arrangements, extended childcare, and family care leave. This has allowed women in the firm to focus on their careers while showing good examples to their fellow colleagues.

“It is important to understand that diversity and empowerment have played a huge role in all aspects of society. CLA Global TS has always cultivated a propitious environment for female employees to thrive and will resume our efforts to do so. Through this, we hope it would inspire more individuals to step up, regardless of gender, cultural, and religious backgrounds, so that they may introduce fresh and unique perspectives to inspire us to create more winning opportunities for our people, our clients, and our communities,” added Mr. Henry Tan.


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