International Family Day – How We Make Employees Feel At Home

Singaporeans have consistently spent a large amount of time at work across the years according to a report by The average Singaporean clocked an average of 2,238 hours annually compared to a Briton and American at 1,757 hours and 1670 hours respectively. Comparing the number of hours worked in developed economies, it seems that Singaporeans have worked close to 30% more. The number of working hours that Singaporeans have put in at work have resulted in the workplace becoming a second home. On this International Family Day, we speak to the CLA Global TS family namely various firms in the CLA Global TS Group across the region and Nexia International to see how they help employees feel at home while at work.

CLA Global TS Singapore’s perspective

As a firm we understand the need to build a diverse workforce. As a firm believer of continual talent development, we provide upskilling and reskilling opportunities for our people to stay on top of new business practices. Workforce upskilling is important because the business landscape is constantly changing. This implies that businesses must have new skills to respond to evolving business requirements. Henry Tan, Group CEO, Chief Innovation Officer, CLA Global TS Singapore said, “Rather than looking to hire externally, we opt for a more sustainable way of growing talents from within and developing new skills. Take for instance, two mid-career PMETs who successfully redeployed internally when the firm went through business transformation during the pandemic. Both staff, who are technology-trained, underwent a six-month Professional Conversion Programme offered by Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore, and are now proficient in internal risk control to undertake risk advisory projects.”

“Giving employees the opportunity to learn new skills as they develop their career has many benefits. It goes a long way towards fostering a supportive employee culture. Employees feel their company has a vested interest in their growth and this promotes a supportive work culture and increases employee retention rates,” says Loh Hui Nee, Director, Assurance & Talent, CLA Global TS Singapore. Reskilling is also beneficial because it helps organizations hold on to institutional knowledge that can’t always be as easily taught.

In addition, the firm also helps teammates feel at home by catering to their well-being. The auditing and business advisory fields are generally fast-paced and demanding so the firm boosts motivation through a series of employee welfare initiatives to help teammates stay focus and healthy. Before Covid-19, the firm had a dedicated team of volunteers to help organised various activities for teammates to engage in sports like floorball, badminton, table-tennis, basketball and more. Engaging in physical activities help people to relax and shed work burden. Even during the pandemic, the firm continues to engage its teammates through virtual events such as virtual coffee sessions, yoga as well as home organisation workshops to build camaraderie between co-workers. Having virtual workshops break down barriers to interpersonal communications and promote a supportive working culture. Having a healthy mind and body is important for overall well-being and productivity, therefore we have implemented Fruits Day and mental health awareness programs to encourage healthy living.

Nexia International’s perspective

Nexia International supports the growth of 260+ member firms including CLA Global TS, through a wide range of International conferences, training programmes, events, webinars and networking opportunities. This is all underpinned by their brand promise of “Closer to you.”

Nexia International help Nexians across the world feel at home and part of a global network by facilitating connections, learning opportunities, collaboration, and best practice sharing. Last year they organised a global remote working photo competition to help individuals across member firms feel closer. The annual Nexia Day is designed to celebrate membership of the network and firms deliver a range of activities, designed to motivate employees.

Alastair McTavish, Learning & Development Manager, Nexia International said, “Personally, I think great leadership is fundamental to ensure employees feel at home in their job, as it has a huge impact on your company’s culture and the employee experience. People work best when they feel good about themselves. Many Nexia International members talk about being part of a family and that they have friends in member firms all over the world.”

CLA Global TS Regional Offices’ perspective (Shanghai & Myanmar)

CLA Global TS values good management leadership and culture. The company’s tagline, Listening Thinking, Growing Asia underscores the importance of open communications internally and externally. “The firm encourages open communications between employees as it believes that promoting good relationship between teammates leads to better business outcomes,” said Heidi Yan, Audit Senior Manager, Shanghai Nexia TS Certified Public Accountants. Khin Phone Myint, Assurance Manager, CLA Global TS Myanmar agreed and added that, “To increase cohesiveness and unity between teammates, the firm regularly holds team bonding activities such as lunches and gatherings.” On top of this, CLA Global TS Group provides a robust training platform for teammates to upskill themselves in technical and non-technical areas.

 Contributing authors: Mr Henry Tan, Group CEO, Chief Innovation Officer, CLA Global TS Group (Section on CLa Global TS, Singapore), Ms Loh Hui Nee, Director, Assurance & Talent, CLA Global TS Singapore (Section on CLA Global TS, Singapore), Heidi Yan, Audit senior manager, Shanghai Nexia TS Certified Public Accountants (Section on CLA Global TS International Offices (Shanghai & Myanmar)) and Khin Phone Myint, Assurance Manager, CLA Global TS Myanmar (Section on Nexia TS International Offices (Shanghai & Myanmar)), Alastair McTavish, Learning & Development Manager, Nexia International (Section on Nexia International)


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