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The Growth Strategist For Asia

The people behind our audit firm in Singapore come to work every day with a singular purpose:

To create winning opportunities for our people, our clients and our communities. Our accounting firm in Singapore believes in the value of accounting, auditing, risk and sustainability reporting, and corporate governance in the success of a company or organisation. As an experienced public accounting firm even before we are named CLA Global TS, we have seen many enterprises succeed upon compliance to commercial taxation and completing their public listings. We want to help more companies moving forward. Learn more about our accounting company today!

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Through services that offer profitable prospects, our accounting company’s Asia-Centred Business Advisors directs you toward decisions that are supported by facts. Our accounting firm provides audit committees with unbiased, transparent views, management with timely and insightful perspectives, and investors with trustworthy information. With the risk advisory services our public accounting firm provides, we support and offer deeper insights on your risk management journey.

CLA Global TS gives realistic financial and advisory solutions suited to your business needs and aims, whether it is to provide objective professional counsel, maximise growth, or improve your business performance. Discover how our audit firm can help your business or organisation today.

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Assurance & Business Services

Our wide range of assurance services ensures the financial integrity and compliance of our clients’ businesses through comprehensive audit, accounting, and consulting solutions, offering a trusted partner for sustainable success.

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Reporting Auditors Services

We provide a clear and practical step-by-step approach to help our clients achieve their listing objectives through expert auditing solutions, delivering meticulous and transparent reporting.

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M&A Advisory Services

We help our clients drive strategic growth and financial success, offering expert advisory support throughout the entire M&A process to optimise opportunities, mitigate risks, and ensure a seamless transition for their businesses.

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Sustainability Reporting Services

We empower our clients to navigate and excel in the era of corporate responsibility, providing comprehensive solutions for transparent and impactful sustainability reporting that aligns with their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

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Valuation And Transaction Services

We work closely with our clients to drive strategic business growth, offering expert guidance in assessing and maximising the value of transactions, thus ensuring informed and profitable business decisions.

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Forensic Accounting & Audit Services

We provide expert analysis and strategic insights, providing our clients with thorough security and financial accountability and ensuring they comply with local and international regulations.

Why Choose Our Public Accounting Firm?

CLA Global TS, an independent legal entity, is a member of the independent network of CLA Global, a global association of independent accounting and advising businesses. Our accounting company offers assistance that includes finding choices and making recommendations, giving more resources, or putting solutions into action. Our accounting firm is primarily concerned with the business strategy, structure, management, and operations of an organisation. Keeping up with the most recent developments in cyber security, allows our public accounting firm to advise businesses on how to maximise the return on their IT investments, strengthen their IT capabilities, and improve overall business performance. We continuously work to provide pertinent and useful solutions that will assist your company’s goals, making us a trusted audit firm in Singapore by many companies and organisations islandwide.

One-Stop Accounting Firm In Singapore

Our audit firm helps streamline operations and enhance efficiency by offering a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to individual business needs, providing organisations with convenience, cost-effectiveness, and the opportunity to focus on core activities for sustained growth.

Top Quality Services

We are the premier provider of top-notch business services, delivering excellence and reliability to meet the diverse needs of our clients with a commitment to quality.

Ongoing Support For Clients

We strive to listen to our clients’ accounting needs and concerns and continuously work to provide pertinent and helpful solutions that assist our clients in achieving their goals.



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